• Foodie Fridays

    Posted on February 15, 2014 by in Cookery and baking

    Mike and I work mostly from home, so have tried to set out a routine to make the most of being our own bosses. After various conversations along the lines of “We really ought to do more fun stuff during the week”, we instituted Wednesday Walks and Foodie Fridays.

    You can see the results of one of our early attempts at Foodie Fridays – baked camembert – in this post about buying logs.

    This week Mike decided to have a go at a moroccan lamb tagine. You can see a bottle of prosecco in the pictures because it was Valentines Day.

    Lamb tagine prepared and ready to slow cook

    Lamb tagine prepared and ready to slow cook – gorgeous bright colours!

    dishing up lamb tagine

    Mike dishing up his lamb tagine

    Valentines Day meal

    Valentines Day meal with prosecco

    Looking forward to the next Foodie Friday!
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