• Why buying logs is easier than visiting the butcher

    Posted on December 10, 2013 by in Environment

    A lunchtime chat about buying logs

    My husband Mike and I like to do something different on a Friday for lunch, and last week we put a camembert cheese and some bread in the oven to bake.

    Mike in our kitchen talking about logs

    As we were eating, we had an interesting discussion about buying logs. We had just received a delivery from a local tree surgeon in Lewes, who delivered wood which was from trees he had cut down himself. The wood consisted of ash with a few pieces of cherry, and he had driven 8 miles to deliver it.

    camembert eaten

    Buying local

    As we ate our food, Mike told me how he had sourced the logs via google and been offered pallet loads from Europe. The sustainability of burning wood suddenly comes into question when the logs have to be transported hundreds of miles from where they are cut!

    So I’m glad we bought local – we came away a little more knowledgeable and with a lower carbon footprint.

    Our front porch with log delivery

    A trip to the butcher awaits

    So where does the butcher in the title come in to it? Well I have to admit that I’ve never used one, and have no idea what to ask for, having been brought up with supermarkets all my life. So, knowing that my butcher may be a wealth of information and local produce, I’m going to have to brave a change in routine and pop in sometime soon.