• Elderflower champagne recipe

    Posted on July 10, 2015 by in Cookery and baking

    Mike makes elderflower champagne most years

    What I love about elderflower champagne is the fresh floral taste, and feeling of a midsummer treat!

    Making elderflower champagne

    Picking elderflowers

    The elder tree, Sambucus nigra, is very common in the UK and flowers late May into early June here in the South East.

    picking wild elder flowers

    We picked the wild elder flowers in full sun in early June

    Our elderflower champagne recipe

    This is a recipe from an elderly neighbour – the top part is for elderflower cordial, and we use the second recipe for the champagne.

    elderflower recipes

    Our neighbour’s elderflower cordial and champagne recipes

    I should probably add that you should sterilise all the equipment and bottles before use, and if you’re making the cordial, store in fridge and use within six weeks. The champagne should be stored in bottles that can stand a bit of pressure – we use old lemonade bottles.

    Mike experiments with this recipe by adding yeast and varying the times and number of flower heads, so it’s all a bit of an art!


    elderflower champagne

    A cool glass of elderflower champagne enjoyed on the patio in the Summer sun