• Galanthus nivalis | snowdrop

    Posted on February 22, 2014 by in Wildflowers

    This wild flower heralds the coming of Spring

    The tricky thing about snowdrops for someone like me who is not a botanist, is distinguishing between native wildflowers and garden escapees. These extremely delicate examples of Galanthus were found a long way from any gardens, growing in rough grass about 5m from a road. The stems were about 5″ tall.

    galanthus nivalis snowdrop

    Galanthus nivalis, snowdrop, white, photographed February 2014 at Birling Gap near Eastbourne

    Snowdrop is seen in the language of flowers as a sign of hope.

    I love the snowdrop headwear in this illustration by Walter Crane.

    snowdrop illustration

    Read about the walk which took us past these flowers at Birling Gap.