Sussex wildflowers | Battle area

Many flower filled country lanes

Ashburnham is a small village near Battle in East Sussex where my in-laws live. It is a quiet place with many verges and ditches by the side of the road for wildflowers to flourish. There are mossy and ferny banks and bluebell woods too, and many public footpaths to explore.

ashburnham countryside

My daughter celebrating the beauty of the countryside in Ashburnham near Battle, one evening in March.

Our kids think there is no better place to go for a walk!

Spotted in this peaceful area of Sussex:
Primula vulgaris, primrose flowers

Cardamine pratensis, milkmaids aka cuckoo flower or lady’s smock.

Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone

Ranunculus ficaria, lesser celandine

Ulex europaeus, gorse

Stellaria holostea, greater stitchwort

Hawthorn in flower