• Spotting wildflowers out walking

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    Wildflowers and health walks

    I try and walk for my health every day. I only do about half an hour but it seems to be enough. Sometimes I do a bit of mindfulness at the same time.

    Most times I follow the same route past the cemetery heading out of Seaford, through a lime walk and towards the fields.

    I’m not a botanist – if it’s not flowering I’m afraid I’m not interested!

    January –¬†February –¬†March Wildflowers

    For the first part of the year I was struggling with using a rubbish LG phone to take pics (my DSLR is a bit bulky to take on a health walk in my opinion).

    purple wildflowers violet seaford


    blue wildflower speedwell seaford


    white wildflower daisy seaford

    I’m a sucker for a daisy as it’s the name of my dried flowers shop

    purple wildflowers heliotrope seaford

    Winter heliotrope

    April Flowers

    By this time I was starting to get quite irritated with my phone camera, so the quality is even more patchy.

    blue wildflower alkanet seaford

    Alkanet coming in to flower

    pink wildflower herb robert seaford

    Herb robert

    pink wildflower dead nettle lamium seaford

    Lamium – dead-nettle

    green wildflower alexanders seaford


    purple wildflower honesty seaford

    Honesty – where I live this is more likely to be a garden escapee I guess

    May – June Blooms

    The first image shows I was resorting to applying digital filters to my pics to try and get a decent image. Then after that I bought an Honor which has a fantastic camera except it renders scarlet as crimson (see second image)

    blue wildflowers bluebells seaford

    Real bluebells

    red wildflowers poppy seaford

    Field poppy outside the cemetery – shame the colour didn’t come out quite right

    blue wildflowers alkanet seaford

    Alkanet now in full bloom

    yellow wildflowers buttercup seaford

    Buttercup with reflexed sepals

    white wildflowers oxeye daisy seaford

    Oxeye daisy

    white wildflowers cow parsley seaford

    Cow parsley

    pink wildflower geranium molle seaford

    Geranium molle – Dove’s foot cranesbill

    lime tree linden flowers seaford

    The lime trees in flower

    white wildflowers elderflower seaford

    Elderflower ready to pick

    Growing in July

    The flowers I was spotting in July seemed to be the old thugs which don’t succumb to a spot of drought.

    white wildflowers bindweed seaford

    Bindweed with bramble and nettle

    ragwort buddleia wildflowers seaford

    Yellow ragwort and purple buddleia on some waste ground

    purple wildflowers buddleia seaford

    More buddleia

    August wildflowers and berries


    Blackberry fruit

    white wildflowers old mans beard seaford

    Old man’s beard in flower

    lords and ladies

    Lords and ladies – shame the colour wasn’t quite right again

    wild fruit elderberries seaford



    mature ivy flowers seaford

    Mature ivy coming into flower

    September seed heads

    wild seeds old mans beard seaford

    Old man’s beard now in seed

    October – November – December

    holly berries ivy berries seaford

    The Holly and the Ivy – it’s surprising how often I spot these together. The ivy berries are just starting to form

    field mushrooms wild food seaford

    Field mushrooms and fallen leaves

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