• A year of photographing flowers

    Posted on January 14, 2018 by in Gardening, Outings

    Photographing wildflowers last year

    I didn’t photograph wildflowers so much in 2017 – this is because after a couple of years of doing it, I realised that a photo of a daisy taken in 2015, for example, looks much like a photo of a daisy taken in 2016. However I now have a new camera, so photographing wildflowers looks to be back on the cards for 2018!

    Highlights of 2017 – not wild flowers but definitely floral.

    Flowers in my garden


    Passionflower – Passiflora caerulea


    A species rose – Rosa mutabilis


    Ammi majus seed heads


    Leycesteria formosa


    Viola ‘Columbine’


    Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’

    shrubby honeysuckle

    Lonicera tartarica

    tree peony

    Tree peony

    Dubrovnik gardens Croatia

    lokrum garden dubrovnik

    Fab gardens on Lokrum island

    view over dubrovnik

    View over the Old Town with campanula


    Franciscan monastery

    Day Trips

    meadow planting

    Meadow style planting at Cambridge Botanic Garden with wild carrot

    herb garden

    Herb garden at Canterbury cathedral

    stour river Canterbury

    Watery weeds in Canterbury river Stour

    Flowers in Spain

    succulent plant

    A succulent

    Aeonium arboreum

    Aeonium arboreum

    cactus flower

    Cactus flower


    Angels trumpets – Datura – Estepona

    Sunset in Sussex


    Winter sunset from my garden