• Photographing August wildflowers in Spain

    Posted on January 27, 2018 by in Nature, Wildflowers

    Here are some wildflowers spotted in and around Gaucin in Southern Spain 2017. All these photos were taken on the same day along the same lane in late August.

    olive grove

    Olive grove by the side of the road with wild oats

    wild carrot

    Wild carrot – Daucus carota

    wild oats

    Wild oats – Avena fatua


    Allium seed head

    fennel olive

    Wild fennel or a relative

    jerusalem sage

    Jerusalem sage – Phlomis fruticosa going to seed

    quaking grass

    Quaking grass – Briza maxima


    Blue lace – Trachelium caeruleum

    spain wildflowers

    Pink thistle – Centaurea nigra – common knapweed or similar

    yellow wildflower

    Scolymus hispanicus aka common golden thistle

    blue wildflower spain

    Blue spur – Delphinium halteratum

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