• Tide Mills – a lovely spot for photographing wildflowers

    Posted on September 13, 2015 by in Nature, Walks

    Spotting wildflowers on a local walk

    Tide Mills is the site of a ruined village in a historic coastal area between Seaford and Newhaven, which is popular with walkers. There were plenty of wildflowers to be seen when I visited in August.

    tide mills sign

    After parking off the A259, the path skirts a couple of fields as it heads towards the beach.

    Flowers of the field margins

    campion wildflowers

    Campion and other wildflowers on field margins

    pink and yellow wildflowers

    land snail field margin

    A land snail on the field margins

    goji berries sussex flowers

    Goji berries are well known to grow in this part of Sussex, but this was the first time I had seen the flowers

    Seaside plants

    seaford bay

    The view from Tidemills across the bay to Seaford Head cliffs

    sea kale beach seaford head

    Sea kale on the beach beach with teasels in the foreground, looking towards Seaford Head

    sea kale beach seed heads

    Sea kale seed heads on the beach

    newhaven sea kale

    More sea kale looking towards Newhaven



    Heading inland again

    tide mills sussex

    Walking a little way inland, my family disappearing into the distance in the evening sun

    toadflax wildflower

    Toadflax wildflower in amongst the brambles

    wild carrot flower

    Wild carrot, Daucus carota, at Tide Mills, easily identified by its central red spot

    wild carrot seed head

    Wild carrot seed head