• Limonium vulgare | Sea lavender

    Posted on August 5, 2015 by in Wildflowers

    Spotting sea lavender on Seaford Head

    A brisk walk up Seaford Head today, visiting the beach on the way. These chalk cliffs are the start of the famous Seven Sisters.

    splash point seaford

    Seagulls, cormorants and sometimes kittiwakes can be viewed at Splash Point Seaford

    The purple Limonium flowers are in bloom

    It is August and the sea lavender is flowering in the low grass kept down by rabbits on the thin soil.

    sea lavender cliff

    Sea lavender limonium on the chalk cliffs

    seaford head wildflowers

    Sea lavender a little way up Seaford Head with the town beach below

    limonium wildflower

    Sea lavender Limonium vulgare purple wildflower Seaford Head August 2015

    sea lavender seaford head

    Sea lavender and sea pinks cliff edge Seaford Head

    sea lavender seaford cliff edge sign

    Keep away from the cliff edge it’s crumbly!

    sea lavender chalk cliff

    Limonium is completely unrelated to lavender and unfortunately has none of the aromatic fragrance! I sell both dried flowers (commercially grown) in my shop at daisyshop.co.uk and have noticed that Limonium does retain the fragrance of the sea to some extent!

    Revisiting the Sea pink flowers

    The sea pinks have all but gone over – just the occasional colourful flower nodding amongst the seed heads on the cliff.

    last of the sea pinks

    Sea pinks thrift Armeria maritima still flowering in August on Seaford Head 2015