• Early Spring gardening

    Posted on March 2, 2014 by in Gardening

    My garden in March

    I love to get out into the garden whenever the sun is shining, but I must admit I am rather a fair weather friend to my plants. It’s rare to see me gardening before the clocks change – I’m just not hardy enough!

    Photographing my garden flowers

    Even when the weather isn’t very good, I do like to record my favourite flowers. Here are some photos of my plants.

    clematis armandii around front door

    Clematis armandii in full flower around our front door

    clematis armandii flowers

    Clematis armandii flowers

    yellow comfrey flower

    This yellow comfrey has rather boring leaves but it’s flowering when not much else is

    Already photographed in my garden in February are (clockwise from top left): akebia, cyclamen, hellebore, and clematis cirrhosa.

    february garden montage

    My garden in February

    Today in the garden

    My husband offered to take over looking after the vegetable patch, so I was out there rescuing some of the self-seeded goodies that had arrived in there – namely woolly verbascum, echium, borage, chamomile, lemon balm, hardy geranium and cerinthe.

    mike vegetable garden

    Mike digging the vegetable garden

    In the picture you can see our purple and white sprouting broccoli which we started eating last week.

    Planting viola flowers for craft

    I absolutely love violas, their happy little faces always make me smile! I use them as often as I can in my craft projects, whether the flowers are pressed, crystallised or dried in various ways. I planted a few violas today, but there will be lots more to follow I’m sure!

    newly planted violas

    Newly planted violas in my zinc bath

     Novelty item found in garden!

    When tidying up the garden, I cut down my cardoon, only to find this old flower head with seedlings growing inside it!

    cardoon seedlings

    Old cardoon flower head with seedlings

    Here’s to some more Sunny Sundays ­čÖé


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  1. Hello!

    I love your Clematis Armandii pictures. DO you have any for sale or sale any cuttings. I searched on ebay but it cost so much for shipping.



    • ruthdaisy says:

      Hi Stacey, Thanks so much for commenting! No I haven’t got any for sale I’m afraid. Good luck in your search though. Ruth.