• Composting for the birds

    Posted on March 16, 2014 by in Gardening, Nature

    I’m quite proud of our compost bins!

    We have two bins made out of old pallets from work, each about a cubic metre in size. As well as garden waste and vegetable peelings, I also compost any dried flower sweepings from my shop, so it can sometimes be rather pretty with rose petals and dried lavender. Recycling the old fashioned way.

    dried flower compost

    Dried flowers for making compost – some of the prettiest sweepings you might see any time soon!

    Once the compost is ready, I do like mining to the very bottom of the bins to make sure I have found every last bit of goodness for my garden! There are all sorts of insects in there, which is why our robin always keeps a close eye on me. Today I saw very very many worms, as well as woodlice, rose chafer beetle larvae and a centipede. The robin was particularly interested in the latter! From time to time today, I was also visited by a female blackbird on the lookout for tasty goodies.

    robin compost heap

    Robin on top of my compost heap

    Robin supervising making compost

    The robin seems to be supervising me collecting compost


    I spread the compost around the plot, to feed our fruit and veg and flowers.

    Happy gardening!

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