• Sunny Seaford by the Sea

    Posted on February 16, 2014 by in Environment

    Britain has been beset by storms for what seems like weeks, and today was the first sunny day in a while. We live on the South Coast, and the world and his wife seemed to be on our local seafront today to catch some rays and assess the damage.

    beach on the road at Seaford seafront

    Half the pebbles off the beach seemed to be on the road at Seaford seafront

    Seaford martello tower

    Seaford martello tower seemingly undamaged despite about 6 feet of pebbles being washed away from its base.

    breakwaters beach

    Breakwaters exposed at Seaford beach – they are usually buried under a few feet of pebbles

    steps down to beach

    Steps down to beach exposed for the first time in the 15 years I’ve lived here

    The steps and breakwaters were covered up by pebbles in 1987 as part of a new town flooding protection plan. The pebbles are continually washed away by the tides, are dredged up from the bottom of Seaford Bay, and dumped back on to the beach every winter by tipper trucks. A great spectator activity for small children!

    In the last image, you can see the boats pulled up on the other side of the promenade, well out of reach of the tides. There was at least one broken one though, and the little cafe next to the martello tower has had to remove its beachfront decking and tables until the weather clears.