• Natural Christmas decorations and an open fire

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    Christmas at home

    Natural Christmas decorations

    I am not an eco freak but I love to do things the natural way wherever possible. Being the owner of a dried flower shop, my work quite often overflows into my home life: this year our tree was smothered in natural Christmas decorations.

    natural Christmas decorations

    I love to decorate my Christmas tree with natural dried fruit and spices.

    orange slices are a simple natural christmas decoration

    You couldn’t get a simpler natural Christmas tree decoration than this.

    An open fire

    Another example of work spilling over into home life was when our workshop was flooded and we rescued some unsaleable cinnamon sticks to use as firelighters. I do love to have an open fire at Christmas. Read about sourcing our logs.

    an open fire Christmas fireplace

    Cinnamon sticks used as fire starters at Christmas.

    Wrapping Christmas presents

    We are not a wrapping paper free household, but I do like to use my imagination wherever possible wrapping-wise. These tea towels were fun and informative – who knew that the collective noun for otters was a romp?! Butchers twine is my accessory of preference this year and I’ve used it everywhere.

    wrapping Christmas presents

    These retro tea towels made a fun alternative to wrapping paper this year.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas break!

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